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Kristin Lee

As the owner of the Bellaire House in Ohio, Kristin Lee is also a profound psychic medium.  As a metaphysician, she helps people when it comes to balancing and overcoming their traumatic paranormal experiences. Kristin Lee is also an accomplished paranormal investigator, aligning herself with the most respected influencers in the industry. With this, she dedicates her afterlife studies to data collection principally with her property, the supernaturally intensified Bellaire House. Her research skills are applied organically and scholastically while infusing a metaphysical component, lifting it to a holistically professional level.

With all of this, Kristin Lee is a published author of two books titled “1699 Belmont Street” & “Paranormal Confessions." Kristin Lee has appeared on the Bio Channel, A&E, Destination America, Travel Channel, Lifetime Television, & Unsolved Mysteries on behalf of the haunted Bellaire House. 



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My Haunted Village Series

Paranormal Confessions:True Stories of Haunting, Possession, and Horror from the Bellaire House

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