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Kristin Lee

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Kristin Lee is a distinguished paranormal expert, researcher, and psychic medium, renowned for her comprehensive understanding of the supernatural realm. With a captivating presence at in-person paranormal conventions and various media platforms, Kristin shares her profound insights and experiences with audiences worldwide. As the owner and founder of the iconic haunted Bellaire House, she seamlessly blends her exceptional skills with her talents as a bestselling author, paranornal expert, mental health professional and paranormal psychic medium investigator. 


With this, she dedicates her afterlife studies to data collection principally with her property, the supernaturally intensified Bellaire House. Her research skills are applied organically and scholastically while infusing a metaphysical component, lifting it to a holistically professional level.


Kristin's latest book, "Paranormal Confessions," achieved remarkable success, claiming the #1 spot on Amazon for four consecutive weeks and earning distribution in major retailers like Walmart and Target. Her literary prowess is complemented by her psychic abilities, honed during her tenure as Kerrigan, with California Psychics. Serving as the face of California Psychics in Hollywood for a decade, Kristin showcased her extraordinary gifts as a psychic, medium, metaphysician and excelled in a deep spiritual connection for hundreds of thousands of people. 


Throughout her illustrious career, Kristin has been featured on a multitude of television shows, including appearances on the Bio Channel, A&E, Destination America, Travel Channel, Lifetime Television, and Unsolved Mysteries. Her expertise and captivating presence have solidified her status as a respected figure in the paranormal community and beyond.


The Bellaire House, under Kristin Lee's stewardship, has become a global phenomenon, known for its haunting history and her compelling personal narrative. A survivor, storyteller, creative producer, director, and actor, Kristin's multifaceted talents continue to captivate audiences and establish her legacy as a true luminary in the realm of the supernatural.

With all of this, Kristin Lee is a published author of two books titled “1699 Belmont Street” & “Paranormal Confessions." Kristin Lee has appeared on the Bio Channel, A&E, Destination America, Travel Channel, Lifetime Television, & Unsolved Mysteries on behalf of the haunted Bellaire House. 





Kristin's extensive and broad reaching filmography details her passion and dedication to her life's work. 

2009 My Ghost Story - 30 million views

2011 Lifetime TV - 15 million views

2017 Paranormal Lockdown - 17 million views

2018 Buzz Feed Unsolved - 16 million views

2019 My Horror Story - 12 million views

2019 Most Terrifying Places - 5 million viewers

2020 Jason Hawes Most Terrifying Places Recap - 10 million views

2020 Unsolved Mysteries - 9 million views

2020-2022 TFIL Overnight 1-4 episodes - 4 million views

2021 Sam & Colby - 10 million views

2021-2022 CJ Faison episode 1-4 - 1 million views

Independent Movies & Documentaries


Paranormal Confessions 

Movie Writer & Producer, Actor  


Bellaire House Movie

Writer & Producer


My Haunted Village Season 1 - Youtube Series

Writer, Director, Actor, Producer

Bellaire House Movie - Josh Heatherington Movie 

Producer & Actor



My Haunted Village Season 2 - Youtube Series

Writer, Director, Actor, Producer

Devil in Bellaire Documentary

Documentary Writer, Producer, Actor 

Haunted Hip Hop 

Movie Writer & Producer

6 Nights of Hell - Bellaire House

Writer, Director, Actor, Producer 

Published Works & Media


Paranormal Confessions - Book
Published by Hampton Roads, Red Wheel, Weiser Publishing



Book Cameo 

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